The Cell Phone In Pop Culture -- With Latinos

Today marks the cell phone’s 40th anniversary and there’s no doubt how influential the smartphone has been on our every daily lives since its birth. How often are our limbs attached to our phones to communicate, email, and even share how crappy your day was with Facebook?

The cell phone has been and continues to play a big role in pop culture too, which is why we’ve listed a few moments where the two are married. Some are with Latinos (of course) and some aren’t – but all are memorable.

1. Cell Phones: Saved by the Bell

Who could ever forget Zack Morris' brick cell phone on Saved By The Bell? Mario Lopez's A.C. Slater character and the rest of the high school gang took advantage of the mobile phone for some of the show's most memorable moments. The grey and inconveniently bulky phone was so memorable that we even discovered a website dedicated to it. We wish we were kidding. And in 2011, someone found the time to actually create a video of its evolution. Rest in peace, Zack Morris phone.

2. Cell Phones: Ochocinco Wedding

Thanks to smartphones, posting on Twitter can happen when you’re out and about. In the case of Evelyn Lozada’s ex Chad Ochocinco, the cell phone provided him the opportunity to live tweet their summer wedding last year. "Live tweeting from my wedding...should be a first I'm assuming, music is playing, can't see my guests right now but they're here," the football player tweeted

3. Cell Phones: Stacey Dash

Remember when Stacey Dash from Clueless spoke to Alicia Silverstone on her cell phone when they were in the same hallway? We do, too. It was totally unnecessary because we’re sure they knew each other’s exact whereabouts, but hey, they had cell phones, so why not?

4. Cell Phones: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez makes a quick call on her cell phone before her go-go dance shift begins in her 2005 “Get Right” music video. We all make those quick calls to our loved ones before work. Thank goodness for the cell phone!

5. Cell Phones: Chris Rock

Chris Rock had us in stitches from this cell phone scene in Lethal Weapon 4. In it, he heatedly vents about “f****ing phones, man” and about getting cut off constantly and the phone’s dismal battery life. “You know why they make them [cell phones] this small? So you can lose them,” he argues to Joe Pesci. “Why? So you have to buy more phones. I never lost my mother’s phone… took you two hours to make a damn long-distance call!” Ha! Lucky it doesn’t take that long anymore.

6. Cell Phones: Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez and Ali Landry’s short marriage was annulled after the actress’ friend tapped his phone. During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, the former Miss USA said, “One of my girlfriends said, ‘If you really want to know, I know how to tap a phone…’ So she did it. And right after the honeymoon I started getting these phone calls from these girls. I confronted him (Lopez) and he denied it.” Case in point: the cell phone is the gateway to truth.

7. Cell Phones: Drew Barrymore

Cell phones have definitely made dating a miserable experience for those who are not charming via text, like Drew Barrymore’s character in 2009’s He’s Just Not That Into You. How many times have texts from a love interest come out harsher or dryer than they were meant?

In the below scene, Barrymore talks about getting rejected by seven different technologies (including the cell phone). We feel your pain, boo.