The 20 Best Tumblr Blogs Out There!

By now, you’ve heard the news. Web pioneer Yahoo announced this week that it will buy Tumblr (everyone’s favorite blogging service) for about $1.1 billion.

According to The New York Times, the deal would be the largest acquisition of a social networking company in years – even more than the $1 billion dropped by Facebook’s to purchase Instagram last year.

How it will change Tumblr’s face, we’re not exactly sure yet, but we decided to pluck out the best Tumblr blogs out right now (before the beloved blogging service switches up on us) for your clicking pleasure.

These blogs are seriously the freaking best:

1. Tumblr: Nerdy Facts

Nerdy Facts

Nerdy Facts is probably the greatest Tumblr blog that ever lived on the World Wide Web for the nerdiest, knowledge-thirsty nerds out there. With more than 830 facts to date, the blog enlightens visitors with golden nuggets such as “Bill Murray not only auditioned, but was actually considered for the role of Han Solo in ‘Star Wars.’ Or, you know, a fact like the one pictured here.

2. Tumblr: What Should We Call MGC

What Should We Call MGC

If you’re a member of a minority Greek organization in college, the 'What Should We Call MGC [MGC stands for Multicultural Greek Council]' Tumblr blog will literally have you in stitches. For those who have graduated from college already, the subculture that is Greek life (and its social norms and quirks) are forever engrained in your brain, making ‘What Should We Call MGC’ even more entertaining. So go ahead, scroll your happy fingers away.

3. Tumblr: Hot & Busted

Hot And Busted

This blog’s title is on point; attractive guys who caught themselves in trouble and voilà, their mug shots are on the web for display. This blog is a gem for those who really like bad boys.

4. Tumblr: Chandler Dances on Things

Chandler Dances On Things

Chandler from the beloved Friends sitcom dances on things. He dances on the Friends logo, on one of Iron Man’s fingers, even on a bouquet of red roses. And… we just spent about 20 minutes scrolling through this amazing blog.

5. Tumblr: Shakira


SHAKIRA HAS A TUMBLR BLOG. That’s enough to become one of our best picks. Come on now.

6. Tumblr: Dog Shaming

Dog Shaming

Dogs misbehave sometimes. They chew toys and steal zucchini from your grocery bag. This blog features photos of the furry creatures and their individual offenses in detail - on paper. The result aches our heart a bit, especially when you look at the dogs’ expressions. Yet, it’s so cute.

7. Tumblr: F*ck Yeah Cute Animals

F*ck Yea Cute Animals

Because who doesn’t like to ‘awww’ at adorable photos of the most adorable animals on the most adorable Tumblr animal blog out there?

8. Tumblr: What Should We Call Me

What Should We Call Me

This Tumblr blog pairs up situations we have all been in (see: “When I order delivery and it finally arrives) with the best GIFs that were ever created. We are seriously addicted.

9. Tumblr: One Tiny Hand

One Tiny Hand

What would you look like if you had one tiny hand? We have no idea, but we get a kick out of the Webby-winning One Tiny Hand blog, which has shrunken the hands of everyone from Angelina Jolie to North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. Oh, and if you didn’t already know, the Tumblr blog won a Webby for its total weirdness. 

10. Tumblr: Reclaiming the Latina Tag

Reclaiming The Latina Tag

This Tumblr blog was created by 24-year-old Mexican-American Xochitl Montaño last year after realizing that the “Latina” tag on Tumblr was inundated by porn. “The contents of the tag angered and pushed me to want to create a difference in the tag. Instead of porn, RTLT wants to see the tag invaded with Latinas from all walks of life and who own their ownsexuality,” Montaño told Univision News in a March 2013 interview. The result is a thought-provoking blog backed by a bunch of kickass Latinas.

11. Tumblr: The World We Live In

The World We Live In

Nothing makes you crave to see the world more than ‘The World We Live In’ blog. Started by Mumbai, India-based Karishma and USA-based Julie, the blog features some of the most beautiful photos we’ve ever seen of Earth. The photos are plucked from everywhere (from National Geographic to Flickr) and are all gorgeous. Can we travel the entire world now?

12. Tumblr: Reasons My Son is Crying

Reasons My Son Is Crying

Babies cry over everything – and the ‘Reasons Why Son Is Crying’ blog really puts that into perspective. The hilarious blog compiles photos of babies crying because their parents put shoes on them – won’t let them drive Porsches. Basically, babies cry because their parents love them.

13. Tumblr: Weird Vintage

Weird Vintage

The ‘Weird Vintage’ Tumblr blog is an awesome and sometimes weird look at vintage ads, illustrations and photographs. While scrolling, we feel like we’re back in history class. But this is much more fun.

14. Tumblr: My Friends Are Married

My Friends Are Married

Are you single and miserable? Or miserably single? You’re not the only one. Luckily, this Tumblr blog exists in this world, and is probably the best therapy out there for single gals. ‘My Friends Are Married’ makes fun of all your annoying married friends and helps you realize that being single is actually freaking awesome.

15. Tumblr: T Rex Trying

T Rex Trying

T-Rex is really trying y’all. This Tumblr blog follows the small-limbed dinosaur as he struggles to do simple things like use a backpack or trying to hang curtains. We’re rooting for you buddy!

16. Tumblr: Thug Kitchen

Thug Kitchen

This has to be the most profanity-ridden food-centered Tumblr blog out there right now. The healthy-food blog features recipes with plenty of F-bombs. Example? “F*** that store-brought chunky mayonnaise bull**** - eat a real potato salad….,” followed by a recipe for fresh herb potato salad. Damn… okay, we will do that, then. 

17. Tumblr: White House

White House

This Tumblr blog is the official one for the White House – beware of any other posers. The page is filled with facts, quotes from President Barack Obama and intimate photos, such as one dropped on Mother’s Day of the Prez, First Lady Michelle Obama, and daughters Malia and Sasha when they were younger. Super cute. 

18. Tumblr: Literally Unbelievable

Literally Unbelievable

You gotta laugh at people and how the just don’t get it sometimes. Case in point – this Tumblr blog’s existence. Everyone know The Onion is literally fake news. But what happens when stories from the website are posted onto Facebook, and people comment thinking the stories are actually true, and based on fact? This happens. 

19. Tumblr: Huff Post Taste

HuffPost Taste

HuffPost Taste has cooked up the most appetizing (and quirkiest) Tumblr blog ever. The blog features everything from images of sliced up candy bars and GIFs of adorable pancakes being made. Oh, and warm biscuits we just want to devour straight from our computer screens

20. Tumblr: Undressed Skeleton

Undressed Skeleton

We love this Tumblr blog because it promotes healthy eating and offers great advice on fitness and recipes. ‘Undressed Skeleton’ was created by Taralynn McNitt, who shed a bunch of weight after years of being “the girl with the “pretty face” or the “best friend” of the skinny girl.”