Take a Virtual Vacation with “Wii Sports Resort”

Can’t find the time or money to get away this summer? Bring the outdoors indoors with Wii Sports Resort, Nintendo’s first full-fledged sequel to its massive hit game Wii Sports. By now, everyone has heard about the Wii and how it’s changed people’s perceptions of what a video game is—by replacing crazy-complex controllers with a simple, motion-based system that gets you to stand up, act a fool and have a blast with your family and friends. Now you get to bring all of them on vacay with you! Wii Sports Resort has more than a dozen different activities, all infused with a tropical-island resort feel, whether you’re wakeboarding, canoeing, tossing around a Frisbee, practicing archery, shooting hoops, skydiving or more.

You may have played other Wii games that are compilations of small minigames, but few are as easy to learn, tough to master and just plain fun to mess around with as Wii Sports Resort. Each activity has the wide-ranging appeal that made the original Wii Sports awesome for everyone—and thanks to Nintendo’s new MotionPlus accessory (an add-on that plugs into the controller and comes free with Wii Sports Resort), you’ll see and feel every touch, turn and tilt of the controller, and you’ll really get drawn into that intense match of table tennis or bowling.

All of the various activities have several different styles of play and multiple levels of challenge, so there’s something for everyone, from people who’ve never touch a Wii controller to die-hard fanatics who’ve played out their old Wii Sports discs. My personal favorite is the Swordplay, where you get to hold a giant wooden sword and try your hand at fencing against the computer or a human opponent—and trust me, you’ll want to practice this by yourself beforehand so you can school your friends without breaking a sweat!

So if you want a quick, easy way to escape to your own private resort island—or you’re just looking for the perfect excuse to invite your friends over for a night of laughing at each other and having fun—pick up Wii Sports Resort, which hits store shelves Sunday, July 26, and retails for $50.