Is Selena Gomez A Techie Now?

Selena Gomez’s latest business venture involves dipping into technology.

According to All Things D, the half-Mexican singer/actress has helped fund an app called Postcard on the Run. While on tour, Gomez came across the app that helps its users print and send postcards from their devices.

According to the website, Gomez said she fell in love with it. “And told all my friends about it,” the 19-year-old star added. We noticed. 

Earlier this month, Gomez took to her Twitter account to talk about her involvement with the company. “Alright guys, I partnered with Post Cards on the Run for a fun campaign,” she tweeted, accompanying a link to an announcement that includes possibly receiving a personal post card from Gomez herself.

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After learning about the app, Gomez reportedly reached out to the company to see how she can help. Her participation is part of a $750,000 funding round for the start-up, and some promotion by Gomez has already proven effective. Josh Brooks, founder and CEO of Postcard on the Run, said that a single post by Gomez on her Facebook page led to 20,000 app downloads in 24 hours. Of course, that’s really no surprise to us. Have you noticed Selenita’s social media following? It’s impressive. The former Disney star has well over 8 million followers on Twitter, and her Facebook page boasts almost 25 million “likes.” That is a lot.

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Gomez is so sweet; she said she has sent at least 12 postcards through the app to her abuelita. As for Gomez investing in more tech start-ups, she told All Things D “maybe.” “But at the moment, I’m good,” she said. “I don’t like overwhelming myself, I like to focus and put my all in, so that’s what I’m doing.”