The 10 Best Apps To Keep You On Track In 2013

For most of us, the motivation to stick to our New Year’s resolutions is pretty much gone by February 1st.  But don’t give up just yet! With the right app, sticking to that goal becomes a whole lot easier. Here are 10 apps to help you keep your New Year's Resolution.

1. 2013 Apps: Gym Pact

Gym Pact

We know, we know. Promising yourself you’ll hit the gym more (hey, you’re paying for that membership!) is kind of like promising your old coworker that you guys should totally grab coffee. It’s somewhat sincere, but other things end up taking priority. (Okay, pretty much everything.) If you’re the kind of person who needs a swift kick in the, well, you know what to get yourself on that treadmill, download Gym Pact, which actually charges you every time you skip out on the gym. Yes, seriously. The other upside (besides actually getting in your workout) – all those fines go into a collective “pool” of money from all users – and by hitting your fitness goals, you could win some serious cash!

2. 2013 Apps: Lose It

Lose It

Since weight loss is the most popular New Years Resolution, the Lose It! app is here to help. This app helps you track your food and exercise, set a calories budget, make smarter choices, and stay motivated. The app is based on the proven weight loss method of calories tracking and even offers peer support by connecting you with others to keep you motivated.

3. 2013 Apps: Shop Well

Shop Well Healthy Grocery Lists and Food Scanner

Shopping at the grocery store can be a drag, especially if you’re trying to choose healthy items. Enter Shop Well, an app that can scan products to get personalized food scores, create a healthy grocery list, find food that meets your need, and gives expert nutrition advice. Perfect for those who are trying to eat healthy in 2013!

4. 2013 Apps: Sleep by MotionX

Sleep By Motion X

Many of us forget how valuable sleep is to our health. If your New Years resolution was to sleep a little more this year, check out the app Sleep by MotionX. This app is based on seven years of research and measures your heart rate with sleep quality. It also includes smart alarms so you can take optimal power-naps if needed through out the day. 

5. 2013 Apps: Twyxt


Life getting in the way of your love life? Busy schedules cutting into communication? Download Twyxt, which helps couples to “remember the past, communicate the present and organize their future together.” With private messaging, moodsharing (so he doesn’t have to read your mind) and a couples calendar that synchs your dates and anniversaries, you’ll fall in love this little helper.

6. 2013 Apps: Mint


Being less “spendy” is a popular New Years resolution, especially after many of our wallets are drained from the holiday season. If you’re looking to budget better in 2013, try the Mint app. Mint helps pulls all of your financial information in one place so you want see exactly what you have and how much you can spend. It also puts all your balances and transactions on your phone so you can see exactly what is going out and coming in. 

7. 2013 Apps: HealthyOut


If you’re trying to eat healthy while dining out in 2013 the HeathyOut app is a must! HealthyOut helps finds you dishes at local restaurants that match your diet and nutrition preferences. The app cam can even cater to your specific diet needs, finding items that are gluten-free, low carb, or vegetarian. The goal of the app is to make dining out less stressful and much healthier!

8. 2013 Apps: Any.Do


If you’re New Years resolution is to stay organized this year, the Any.Do app is here to help. With Any.Do you can create lists and synchs all your devices together which helps you stay on top of things. The app also allows you to share your to-do lists with friends, family, and colleagues to help you get even more things done and stay organized.

9. 2013 Apps: Meetup


If you’re looking to meet new people and be more social this year, give the Meetup app a try. This app helps you find clubs and meet ups with like-minded individuals in your community. From book clubs, to salsa classes, there is something for everyone, and a great tool for those of you who want to get out there and try something new!

10. 2013 Apps: Everest


Do you have big goals and dreams you want to achieve this year? The Everest app wants to help make that happen by unlocking your human potential. No matter what your dream may be, Everest helps you plan your steps, invite your friends, and capture each moment of your journey. “Everyone's got their Everest, climb yours.”