5 Apps to Help With Your Spanish

It's time to brush app on your Spanish! To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, make your parents proud and improve your español five minutes at a time. These fabulous apps bring you closer to praising your abuelita's food with more than one adjective.

Spanish 24/7 Tutor (Free)

This is a perfect option for those who are traveling or need to start with the very basics. It gives you the essentials to get around in a fun way, including audio, puzzles, flashcards and quizzes to track your progress. (Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android)

Say hi and translate ($0.99)

If all you need is a little help with your pronunciation, this very popular app allows you to grab a piece of a Spanish speech and hear the app translation. Then you can try speaking the phrase yourself to compare.  It can even be used in several languages, customizing the reply with male or female voices.   (Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod)

Spanglish (Free)

The cool thing about this vocabulary game app is that it shows you the most common mistakes for English speakers. It has features for quotes and sayings as well as confusing words.  (Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod) 

Living language Spanish ($14.99)

If you are looking for a more heavily committed study, this app is actually a full course that includes different levels, grammar and interactive games. (Available for iPhone, iPad,  Android and Nook)

English-Spanish Business Dictionary   ($2.99)

For pros that actually need to get down to business quickly, this reference app includes visual guides and country-specific definitions for marketing, legal and advertising terms. (Available for iPhone, iPad and iPod)