The Best Gifts for Latinos by Latinos

Sure, that perfume set you’re thinking of getting your best friend or that cashmere sweater for your mom is nice, but will they truly treasure it six months, a year, five years from now? Will you change a Latina’s life by buying it? Probably not. But it’s not too late to get something truly special and help Latinas at the same time, by shopping for stuff made by Latinas for Latinas, whether it’s a handmade bag from a Peruvian family of master weavers, pressed-flower notecards that help mujeres earn a living wage or a necklace from an up-and-coming Latina jewelry maker, these gifts are memorable and they help out an hermana in the U.S. and Latin America.

1. Gift Guide: Boho Bag

Peruvian Grimalda Yurivilca and her family are masters at turning traditional weaving into chic accessories. How cute is this “Blushing Pink” alpaca boho bag, which provides a pop of color and has two practical inner pockets? Perfect for your little sister. ($61,

2. Gift Guide: Cards

Give blank notecards as a Christmas present? Yes! If they’re as beautiful and delicate as these, which feature stylish chicas with hats and hair made of real pressed flowers from a cloud forest in El Salvador. Best of all, these beauties are handmade by displaced women who support their families through their work. ($5.50,

3. Gift Guide: Earrings

Silver and mother-of-pearl make a cool combination in these oh-so-pretty earrings handmade by Allpa, a Peruvian craft-trading company that represents family artisan groups. ($48,

4. Gift Guide: Shell Necklace

This is for the bold, baby! Ecuadorian designer Laura Cardenas travels the world handpicking shells for her statement jewelry like this red spondylus shell pendant that hangs on a necklace made of red sponge coral, dark wood and silver. ($1,400,

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6. Gift Guide: Tree of Life

Know someone who just had a baby? Celebrate with them by giving a sweet, hand-hammered and painted metal tree of life, featuring hummingbirds and flowers, by metalsmith Hector Bustamante of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. ($49,

7. Gift Guide: Photo

Serenity and timeless beauty are two hallmarks of Brazilian photographer Mauro Fichman’s work. In this limited edition print, he captures Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Sugar Loaf mountain in the morning, with seagulls taking flight. ($250,

8. Gift Guide: Chocolates

The perfect host gift: artisan chocolate treats made by Stefano Zullian and his family in Houston.  It’s hard to choose from all of the amazing flavors the Zullians make—they use chocolate from their native Venezuela—but a good place to start is holiday gift box #2, with 15 assorted truffles, three gourmet chocolate bars and dried chocolate-dipped fruit. ($40,

9. Gift Guide: Mariachi Tee

Gotta have at least one funny stocking stuffer! NaCo’s mariachi take on the classic tuxedo t-shirt is the perfect no-pressure gift for a new boyfriend. ($25,

10. Gift Guide: Candle

A lovely candle—violet scented and decorated with a variety of flowers—for a great cause. The Honduran women of Candelas La Luciernaga make candles to benefit a non-profit that runs a women’s shelter and micro-lending program. ($18,

11. Gift Guide: Hammock

If you have a friend or family member with a back yard, and you visit them a lot, this is great for them (and for you!). Colorful and sturdy, these hammocks are works of art and craft by Mayan women in the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, and they’re perfect for a Sunday afternoon siesta. ($37 for a double,

12. Gift Guide: Paella Kit

For the budding chef in your family, here’s a non-intimidating mini paella kit to get them started making one of Spain’s signature (and super tasty) dishes. ($49,

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