10 Spanish Words You Need to Learn How to Spell

Metiche: A nosy person who is up in everyone’s business. Go to a family BBQ, and you can spot them a mile away.  

Joder: We have all heard our parents say, ‘¡No me jodas!’ at least once in our lives. You know, during those special moments when we just nagged way too much, and didn’t go home with the rewarding ice cream cone. The word may have a negative connotation in most Latin American countries, but it is still a pretty awesome way to tell someone to back the freak up. We think you can guess the more vulgar meaning.

Güevazo: A hard smack. The one you pray you don't get from any older women in your family. Ouch!

Panzón: Often used as a term of endearment, this word means someone with a big belly. We say it just means more to hug!

Zarpe: The last drink of the evening. Salud!

What are some of your favorite Spanish slang words?