10 Spanish Words You Need to Learn How to Spell

According to National Geographic, Soledad O'Brien will be the next host of the National Geographic Bee. The CNN reporter will be taking over for Jeopardy's Alex Trebek, who retires this year. While we don't think any Spanish words will make the cut, we think it'd be fun (and more challenging!) if they did. Here are some Spanish words and slang we think should be added to the competition. (As a joke, of course.)

Vacilón: What ends up becoming of a huge family party – just a funny and enjoyable good time! Hopefully with the smell of pernil (roasted pork) in the air!

Invitación: An invitation, you know, that thing your family doesn't need in order to 'stop by' unexpectedly to say hello.

Chiripa: Meaning luck or suerte. Something all abuelas (grandmothers) pray their grandchildren have.  

Tacaño: A cheap person who counts every dime in their pocket. Most people would say they should be avoided at all costs – especially for a dinner date.

Salado: Usually means something or someone who is sour and unlucky.