25 Signs You Grew Up Latino in New York

New York, concrete jungles where dreams are made of — but to you, it was just home. It's true, some people come here to "make it," but you've always been a true New Yorker, and you've got the knowledge to prove it. Here are 25 signs you grew up Latino in New York City:

1. Trick or Treating

Trick or treating meant a stop at the bodega and maybe neighbors in the building, if you were lucky.

2. Don't Know How to Swim, Drive, Ride a Bike

You either don’t know how to swim, drive, ride a bike, or some combination of the three.

3. Cucarache and Raton

Growing up, every friend knew the words cucaracha and raton even if they didn’t speak Spanish.

4. Puerto Rican Day Parade

You’ve never been to the Thanksgiving Day Parade, but you know when the Puerto Rican Day Parade is every year.

5. Latin food by neighborhood

You know which neighborhoods have the best authentic Latin food - by country.

6. Panaderia

You have a favorite panaderia.

7. Dominican Bakery

You have a favorite Dominican bakery - and Dominican cake filling. 

8. Gonzalez y Gonzalez

Love it or hate it, G&Gs is almost always an option.

9. Dominican Salons

You can’t imagine life without Dominican hair salons.

10. Colombian Day Festival

You know you don’t need to be Colombian to enjoy the Colombian Day Festival in Corona.

11. Favorite NYC Park

Your favorite NYC park is probably in Washington Heights or Queens. (Shout out to Fort Tryon and Flushing Meadows!)

12. Fire Hydrants

You don't need a pool in the summer because you’ve got fire hydrants.

13. Staten Island

You have probably never been to Staten Island.

14. Fourth of July

Coronas and a rooftop are all you need to celebrate 4th of July.

15. The Nuyorican

The Nuyorican [Poets Café] was one of your first date spots as an adult.

16. Indian and Latino Food

The fact that an Indian and Latino restaurant exists is not surprising to you.

17. Friends From Every Ethnic Background

You have friends from almost every ethnic background, and the fact that not everybody does still confuses you.

18. Closed Early

Any time you leave town, you're frustrated when you can't get food at 4 a.m.

19. Quinceanera

You know at least one girl who managed to have a Quinceanera and Sweet 16.


20. Midwest

You have probably never been to any state "somewhere in the middle."

21. 16th Birthday

Your 16th birthday present was not a car.

22. Dating

Your dating experience was nothing like those shows on the WB, Nickelodeon, or TGIF.

23. Tourists

Unlike other New Yorkers, you actually have been to almost every tourist spot thanks to annual visits from your relatives.

24. 1-800-CANTASO

If you’re ever in a car accident, you know to call 1-800-CANTASO.

25. Bodega

You know the workers at your bodega better than you know some of your relatives.