Quiz: Which Latina’s Relationship is the Most Inspiring to You?

Are you drawn towards super passionate partners who excite you or do you prefer a more stable environment when it comes to your love life? Maybe you’re down to date someone forever, but don’t feel rushed to make it more serious right now? Wherever you’re at in your relationship, there’s an A-list Latina who is right there with you—find out which girl is on the same level as you by taking this quiz!

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1. Date Night

1. When it comes to date night, you like to:

a) Spice things up. Going to the same restaurants gets boring.

b) Couple up—double dates are always more fun!

c) Reserve it for special occasions.

d) Stay at home. Why spend money out, when you can have a cozy night in?

2. Attraction

2. What makes a guy attractive to you?

a) Career goals

b) Humor

c) Family values

d) Looks

3. In Five Years...

3. In five years, you want to be:

a) In love, but not rushing things

b) Seriously dating someone

c) Happily married

d) Engaged, on the way to being married

4. Past Relationships

4. If you could sum up your past relationships in one word, what would it be?

a) Fun

b) Sweet

c) Loving

d) Drama

5. Celeb Crush

5. Your celeb crush is:

a) Enrique Iglesias

b) Gael Garcia Bernal

c) Javier Bardem

d) Adam Rodriguez

6. Relationship Philosophy

6. Your relationship philosophy is:

a) Never settle.

b) You have to love yourself before you can truly be loved by another.

c) Make sure you marry your best friend.

d) Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s whether or not you learn from them that matters.

7. Deal Breaker

7. A dating deal breaker for you is:

a) Cheating

b) Flirting with your friends

c) Being self absorbed

d) Going MIA

8. Sofia Vergara

Mostly A's:

The Latina whose relationship you’re most inspired by is…Sofia Vergara’s

Well, for starters it helps when you’re one half of a super caliente couple. Sofia and Nick Loeb have had an on-again, off-again history, but the pair always seems to end up back together, proving their love for one another and their crazy chemistry. Although passion is a good thing, too much of it can be explosive. We just hope these two finally decide to put the drama behind them and settle down.

9. Bella Thorne

Mostly B's:

The Latina whose relationship you’re most inspired by is…Bella Thorne’s.

Bella has been dating her boyfriend Tristan Klier forever and the twosome couldn’t be cuter. They travel together, they walk red carpets together, they even volunteer during the holidays together. Plus, they’re constantly posting adorable pics of one another on Instagram, but they’re the complete opposite of an annoying young Hollywood couple who is just looking for fame. We hope they two stay together for many years to come!

10. Penelope Cruz

Mostly C's:

The Latina whose relationship you’re most inspired by is…Penelope Cruz’s.

Pene and Javier Bardem met on the set of Jamon, Jamon in 1992, but didn't start dating until they began working together on Vicky Cristina Barcelona in 2007. Three years later they were married. With two beautiful children, Penelope and Javier’s Hollywood romance couldn’t be more perfect, but it’s the couple’s mutual respect and obvious admiration for one another that we really love.

11. Jennifer Lopez

Mostly D's:

The Latina whose relationship you’re most inspired by is…Jennifer Lopez’s.

J.Lo has had a few seriously famous flings (Bennifer, Diddy, anyone?), but she’s also always been looking for true love. It’s her lust for life and desire to be with “the one” that so many of us can relate to, but after ending her marriage with Marc Anthony she’s now having fun with her life dating her super hot backup dancer Casper Smart. Time will tell whether these two decide to tie the knot, but it looks like Jenny from the block is happier than ever with her new man and that’s all that really matters.