10 Problems All Curvy Latinas Can Relate To

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Chiquis Rivera may help promote the beauty of curves, but even they will admit that having a curvy body comes with problems. Some are kind of funny, but others are just a pain.

Here are problems us curvy chicas have faced over and over again: 

1. You Can’t Just Eyeball Clothing

You Cant Just Eyeball Clothing
Your mami may have taught you some tricks for finding pants, but forget about it! You need to actually try stuff on because your hips and butt need to be accounted for. And can we talk about that waistline gap that happens when your butt is too big and your waist too small? Yeah… not cute.

2. Jeans

Shopping For Jeans Is the Bane of Your Existence
As mentioned, everything needs to be tried on – which is annoying. And buying jeans? The worst. If you want your butt to be covered, then you need to size up, but that means the rest of the fit is off. Oh well, that’s why lycra exists, we guess.

3. Guayaberas

You Cant Wear Guayaberas
If you so wanted to wear a guayabera, which have buttons along the front, you wouldn’t be able to. That is unless you want to pick and choose whether the shirt is loose but buttons over your bust or is a good fit everywhere else but the boob area. This applies to jackets and other button-up shirts, too.

4. Inspiration Is Not Easy to Come By

Inspiration Is Not Easy to Come By
Though curves are more celebrated, style inspiration is still not readily available. You certainly can’t count on celebrities for help. You can only see Sofia Vergara in so many mermaid dresses…

5. Hey Mamis

You Know You Get Some Hey Mamis Because of Your Bod
Street harassers will zero in on you because of your curves. (Though, these creepy men would also hit on you even if you weren’t curvy.) They’ll give you the once over or try to hit on you by saying “hey mami.” It never ends up being a nice compliment unfortunately.

6. Adrienne Bailon

Adrienne Bailon 

Talk about fairy tale engagement! During a romantic trip to Paris with boo, Israel Houghton, the former Cheetah Girl got engaged in front of the Eiffel Tower. The massive ring is a cushion cut diamond, accented with French cut pavé diamonds all around.

7. gaining losing

Gaining or Losing Weight Will Spark Comments
You gain a few pounds and your family may tell you that you’re getting fat. Lose a few pounds, and they tell you that you’re starting to lose your curves. Either way, your relatives will continue to feed you plates of delicious food.

8. Fajas

You Are Well Acquainted With Fajas
Maybe it’s a special occasion or an everyday thing, but your faja helps smooth things out when you need it. And as a wearer of fajas, you know that it comes with a side of pain.

9. Your Bras Are Not Sexy

Your Bras Are Not Sexy
Sexy bras are for girls with small girls. At least that’s what your shopping experience has taught you. Bra shopping is already a difficult experience, and lingerie stores are not making it easier by limiting your options.

10. Team Curves

Some People Are Still Not On Team Curves
In June, Donald Trump revealed that Kim Kardashian’s body was not ideal while on Howard Stern. “In the old day, they’d say she’s got a bad body,” he said. He was then asked about Jennifer Lopez’s butt, and he was also not a fan. “I would pass on both,” he replied. Trump proves that there are still people who think curves are a problem, but thankfully, it’s changing a bit more everyday. Now go blast “Booty,” and work those curves.