VIDEO: Bebé Glotón Breastfeeding Doll Sparks Controversy

Bebé Glotón, a new doll created by Spanish toy company Berjuan to promote breastfeeding, has been sparking controversy with parents from England to California.

To play with Bebé Glotón (or Baby Glutton), little girls strap on an apron-like device that has flowers in place of nipples. They then simulate breastfeeding the baby by bringing the doll’s lips to the flowers. The toy emits a suckling sound and will cry afterwards until burped. Some parents are outraged because they feel that encouraging little girls to emulate breastfeeding is inappropriate, while others say that it is an easy and natural way to explain to youngsters the importance of breastfeeding.

We're on the fence on this one. While we see validity in promoting breastfeeding and don't view it as something sexual or shameful, there's something about the demonstration video that is just downright creepy.



We'll leave it up to you readers to tell us: Is the Bebé Glotón inappropriate or just a novel toy that could help little girls understand the wonders of their bodies?