Summer Camp Tips for Kids

Summer is in full swing, and if you've been spending quality time with the kids, right about now is when even the most devoted parents could probably use a little break. Luckily for you, there’s still time to sign your child up for day camp, and some resident camps are even still accepting kids! Even though we're sure you love hanging with the little ones, surely you can let go for a few weeks—or even just a couple of hours a day? Plus, camp is a great way for kids to share new and exciting experiences with other children their age. So go for it!

When preparing your child for camp, ask him to help out; the more involved he feels, the more likely he is to enjoy the experience! Here’s what the American Camp Association suggests you pack:

Headgear: Sun protection is way important, so make sure he carries caps, hats, sunglasses and bandannas, as well as any prescription glasses and swimming goggles.

Clothing: Pack plenty of T-shirts, shorts and a swimsuit for the sweltering heat. Include a sweatshirt and jeans for cooler weather and a poncho for rainy days. Long pants will protect her little legs from poison ivy and bugs during hikes.

Footwear: To make sure she’s comfy whether she’s running, hiking or walking along the beach, send her to camp with a selection of boots, sneakers, sandals and socks.

Bed and Bath: If he’s staying at the camp for a couple weeks, remember the basics: towels, sheets, a pillow and sleeping bag. Don’t forget toiletries, insect repellent and sunblock.

Fun Extras: Additional items like books, magazines and toys will help her pass the time between camp activities. And if you send her off with pens and paper, she might even surprise you with a letter (but don’t get your hopes up)!

Before you know it, she’ll be right back home and you’ll be counting down the days until school starts up again. For more tips and camps near you, visit