POLL: Is Dora the Explorer's Tween Makeover Too Grown Up?

The world's most famous Latina pre-schooler is about to unveil a whole new look, and many moms are not thrilled about it.

Dora the Explorer creator Nickelodeon and Barbie-maker Mattel recently announced plans to launch Dora Explorer Girls, a tween-friendly line of Dora dolls that will appeal to girls ages five and up. Though the new dolls won't be revealed until September, Nickelodeon teased the public with this silhouette image of the new Dora, who looks much daintier than her younger self and is sporting long locks and what appears to be a miniskirt.

Needless to say, parents are already speaking out against the makeover. CNN's Carol Costello reports that worried moms have petitioned Nickelodeon to change their plans, expressing concerns that the new Dora will be too "sexualized" and "boy-crazy" like Barbie and Bratz dolls. But Leigh Anne Brodsky, Nickelodeon's head of Product Development, is trying to assuade those fears: "The reason for this doll line is to offer an alternative to moms who wants their girls to stay little girls a little longer."

Costello, who has seen the new Dora doll with her own eyes, shared her impression with viewers: "I would not say she's sexy or sexualized, but she is attractive. She's a cute doll, but she's not wearing like a little miniskirt or anything like that. And her hair is not as flowing as it was in that silhouette. She's wearing a tunic with leggings and platform heels."

What's your first impression of Dora's new look? Watch the full CNN clip below and then take our poll.

WATCH: "Boy-Crazy" Dora? (via CNN)