The Mami Diaries: Meet Carla and Baby Dessa, Our New Mami Diaries Bloggers!

Hola, fellow Mamis! My name is Carla and I'm a 27 year old Cuban Filipina American and where as most young women my age gab about late night cocktails, killer outfits and juicy sex gossip, my daily updates revolve around late night breastfeeding, poopy diapers and missing bobos (or pacifiers to some). In less than a year, I got hitched, knocked up and became responsible for another human being…oh and now, just 13 short months later, I found out that I'm pregnant again!

So, there is just no denying it. I am officially a Mami – not a mom, not a mommy, not a mother – a Mami. I'm figuring this motherhood thing out day by day. It isn't easy but it's great fun and I love it. So what exactly qualifies me for Mami status, you ask? Well, let me break it down for you:

  • I'm have one 16 month old named daughter named Dessa and another little one on the way in 2009 and I plan to raise my babies to be proud Cubans (are there any other kind?).
  • I drench my daughter in Violetas every single day, every single time she changes her outfit and sometimes just because I can.
  • I have taught our daughter to call my husband, Jeremy, Papi (but everyone once in awhile she sneaks in a Daddy).
  • She's been strapped with a name tag bracelet and an azabache pendant necklace since the day she left the hospital. Oh, did I mention the earrings?
  • I already started talking to my husband about her Quincenera. She will get the dress of her dreams.
  • I dance around the house with my daughter and husband at least once a day to some good old fashioned Salsa music.
  • I've sung "Los Pollitos Dicen" more times than I care to remember since my daughter was born.
  • I knew the value of a faja after pregnancy way before Gwenyth Paltrow, Spanx or Brooke Burke made it trendy.

In The Mami Diaries I’ll be filling you in on everything from raising Dessa, to the anticipation of finding out the sex of this baby in my belly (stay tuned, the ultrasound is scheduled for 12/23!) to how this Mami tries to keep things steamy with her hubby, all the while still trying to find some time for herself. I hope you'll join me here for a look at motherhood the modern Mami way. Now tell me, what makes you a modern Mami?