Dora the Explorer's New Look Revealed

After facing weeks of controversy over its plans to launch Dora Explorer Girls—a long-tressed, dainty tween version of Latina pre-schooler Dora the Explorer—Nickelodeon has released a full image of the TV heroine's new look. The doll, which is modeled after a 9-10 year-old girl, is not wearing a miniskirt as the original leaked silhouette seemed to suggest, but in place of the pre-schooler's knapsack and sneakers are an array of overtly feminine accessories: from pearl earrings and ballet flats to a flower necklace, headband and bows.

In a press release, Nickelodeon stressed that no changes would be made to Dora the Explorer TV show and staked its claim that the doll is faithful to the Dora brand. "We took the core DNA of Dora—the love of adventure and learning, the empowerment and self-esteem—and applied that to a doll that matches play patterns of girls ages 5-8."

We recently polled readers to find out whether they felt Dora's makeover was too grown up, and the results were nearly split down the middle. Now that you've seen the new Dora's full image, what do you think?