Dora the Explorer Teaches Latino Holiday Traditions

Many Latino families celebrate the tradition of Dia del Los Tres Reyes or Three Kings Day. For some kids, this is an even bigger celebration than Christmas! In an upcoming episode of Dora the Explorer, she helps the little ones understand the Latino traditions surrounding this special day. We talked to 12 year old Caitlin Sanchez, the adorable little girl who is the new voice of Dora about her own family’s traditions and how she feels about her big break.

Congratulations on your new gig, Caitlin! How do you like being the new voice of Dora?

It's really, really fun, I get to go into the recording booth and everything. Dora's very energetic and an interesting character to play.

Do you think you and Dora have anything in common?

Well, we're both Latina, we both like to help our friends and we're both very confident and determined.

What's the coolest thing about being the voice of Dora?

I like the recording booth and Dora's such a wonderful character. I think it's really important that she teaches children to speak Spanish. I speak English and Spanish in my house too, like with my Grandma. She gives me cookies!

You just made a Dora episode about Three Kings Day. Are there any traditions that you and your family celebrate?

The holiday that me and my family celebrate with a lot of traditions is New Years Eve, because we have a big party with hats and noise makers. We also eat 12 grapes to celebrate every month and for good luck in the New Year. It's also my grandmother's birthday so we always have a big cake, and she throws a bucket of water out the window too.

Check out the sneak peak of Dora Saves Three Kings Day below:


Dora Saves Three Kings Day airs on Jan. 6 at 8pm on Nickelodeon.