Back to School Essentials

Our fall picks are hot enough to get tus hijos out of bed on the first day without an argument!

1. Back to School Essentials - Street Science

Street Science School Supplies

Tired of the crap your kids are listening to that passes as music? Put them on to real hip hop with Street Science’s line of notebooks, folders and three-ring binders that use innovative design to expose them to its underpinnings, from breakin’ to graffiti. The best part about picking up these products? Five percent of each sale goes to educational charities. ($2 - $5,

2. Back to School Essentials - Leap Frog

Leapfrog Crammer Sound and Study System

With more than 16,000 math, social studies and science questions pulled directly from the country’s most popular textbooks, this little wonder is like carrying a tutor in your bookbag. Plus, it connects directly to the computer, making it easy for your third through eighth grader to create and carry digital flashcards to bone up on any subject—and for you to track where he needs help. Oh, and it also holds tons of MP3s, but you don’t have to tell him that. (available October '08, $60,

3. Back to School Essentials - Children's Place

The Children’s Place

Whether your kid dreams in soft shades of pink, or favors a more varied palette, The Children’s Place has her covered, with patterns and hues from all over the rainbow. We’re partial to the heart-studded tights, plaid pleated skirts and striped puffer vests—they’re all warm enough (and cool enough) to carry them through the semester. (

4. Back to School Essentials - KidPack.pad

Buttoned Up KidPack.pad

From the company that makes a kit for organizing every facet of your life, comes this note pad meant to help you keep track of your super-busy kids. Just fill one out for Julio with what events he has each day and tack it to the front door where he can’t miss it. It will help him pack his backpack correctly, so he won’t be calling you from soccer practice because he forgot his cleats again. ($5,

5. Back to School Essentials - Hannah Montana

Disney’s Hannah Montana Backpack with Built-in Speaker & Lunch Tote

Okay, so we probably didn’t have to tell you about these—you’re tiny rockstar has been coveting them all summer—but they’re pretty hot as far as matching backpacks and lunch totes go. You can’t go wrong with glitter, and the speaker lets her blast her personal tunes wherever she goes (we’re not responsible for spontaneous in-class concerts). (bag $30, tote $15,

6. Back to School Essentials - Nike

Nike Zoom Trainer Essential

Your big girl has enough to worry about without having to make sure her shoes are cool enough. Alleviate some of the pressure with this bold shoe; it’s made for chicas who get down with sports, but we like them ’cause they’re super-cute. And let’s face it: Do we really need another reason to cop them? ($78,