BabyCenter en Español Announces Most Popular Baby Names of 2009

BabyCenter en Español just released it's list of the most popular Hispanic baby names of 2009, and the trends seem to reflect the tough times many have faced over the last year. Names with religious significance have made drastic gains, as have names that conjure up hope—perhaps as a response to the financial and social hardships so many families have recently experienced. For girls, Milagros (miracle) and Alma (soul) cracked the top 100 for the first time ever and Ángel continued to rise in popularity for boys.

An interesting naming trend among Hispanics was the popularity of names of Italian origin. Sofia and Isabella remain among the top ten choices for baby girls, while Fabiana, Antonella, Micaela and Romina could all be found among the top 100 choices. The list of names, derived from over 98,000 names submitted in 2009 by parents of newborns from 22 Spanish-speaking countries and the US, also highlighted the fact that many Latinos use creative spellings for traditional names. Almost forty percent of the respondents agreed that a non-traditional spelling can help make a common name more unique; the most popular name for girls, Sofia, had eight spelling variations!

Here's the list of top Latino baby names:


  1. Sofia                                               
  2. Valentina                                   
  3. Camila                                               
  4. Isabella                                               
  5. Mariana                                   
  6. Valeria                                               
  7. Sara                                               
  8. Daniela                                               
  9. Gabriela                                  
  10. Maria Jose            


  1. Santiago
  2. Sebastián
  3. Joaquín
  4. Matías
  5. Samuel
  6. Alejandro
  7. Mateo
  8. Diego
  9. Daniel
  10. Benjamín

Tell us: Are any of your favorite baby names missing?