Here's Why the White House Website Changed So Fast

Here's Why the White House Website Changed So Fast

Just moments after Donald Trump was inaugurated on Friday, the people of the Internet noticed some major absences on the White House website: issues like LGBT and climate change were removed and replaced with "standing up for our law enforcement" and "making our military strong again."

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Additionally, the option to translate the website in Spanish was also taken away. The quick changes alarmed many, validating fears of the Trump administration’s threat to human rights issues. However, the purge was to be expected.

According to the New York Times, it’s part of a planned digital turnover of, which included removing all of the Obama administration’s personal and policy pages and archiving them to That explains why, along with the issue changes, the White House website currently just has one blog post, about the inauguration, and nothing yet filed under Press Briefings, Statements, Nominations and Presidential Actions.

Similarly, upon being inaugurated, the official White House Twitter handle also switched over, allowing Trump to now post on Twitter as @POTUS and former President Barack Obama to tweet from new account, @POTUS44.

In response to the Twitter handle changes, progressive leaders have organized #MuteMonday, a push to unfollow @POTUS, or Trump, on Twitter and then follow "someone working towards the progress we all still believe in."

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Here are some #MuteMonday celebrity and activist recommendations: