U.S. Senate Close to Deal to End Shutdown?

Nearly two weeks after the United States federal government closed, tourism and government employees continue to feel the affects of the shutdown. But according to Fox News Latino, Senate leaders could be close to making an agreement to end 2013's partial shutdown.

Congressional aides have predicted that Majority Leader Harry Reid and GOP leader Mitch McConnell could seal an agreement on Tuesday -- two days before the Treasury Department says it will run out of borrowing capacity.

"We've made tremendous progress,"  Reid declared on Monday after an intense day of negotiations with McConnell and other lawmakers.

The agreement that could possibly emerge would raise the $16.7 trillion federal debt limit enough to allow the Treasury to borrow normally until mid-February, or even a few weeks longer, the Associated Press reports.

Debate over Obamacare was what led to the October 1 shutdown, and throughout the past two weeks, President Obama has stated that Republicans must come to an agreement to reopen the government and extend the debt ceiling, before the two sides can begin any talks on spending or making changes to his Affordable Care Act.