Nearly Half of Latino Population Support Deportation for Undocumented Children

Nearly Half Of Latinos Population Support Quicker Deportation For Undocumented Children

A shocking study conducted by Pew Research found that nearly half of Latinos (47%) support expediting the handling of cases for undocumented children. Yes, that includes deporting these children more quickly.

Under the current practice, it can takes months (or years) before the courts decide whether or not to grant an undocumented child refugee status. Forty-nine percent of Latinos answered that they support this current system. 

The U.S. public in general, however, answered that they support quick deportations at a higher rate than the Latino community. Roughly 53% of Americans support the expeditation of the process compared to 39% who support the current system. 

The study comes just days after the Public Religion Research Institute found that 69% of respondents believe that the undocumented children should be treated as refugees and allowed to stay "if authorities determine it is not safe for them to return to their home country." 

What are your thoughts on the border crisis involving undocumented children?