Special Series: New York’s Mayoral Race

And this vote has muscle. Even though Latinos are at 18 percent of the electorate, that number may increase as much as 30 percent in participating because Latinos are heavily democratic in the City.

Evidenced from the last weeks of the campaign before the September 10th primary, the candidates are courting the vote. Thompson, Quinn, Liu, de Blasio, Weiner, Carrion in particular are making a large push, stomping in Latino festivals and neighborhoods, asking for votes in Spanish, and English, and releasing literature and videos in Spanish, and granting interviews with Spanish language press.

During a recent stop in Spanish Harlem, de Blasio repeated that the Latino vote is the X factor in the race because it’s still up for grabs and that many of the voters are open to being engaged in a conversation about the issues.   He made his case with moms and dads as they went on their Saturday afternoon shopping trips in the giant mall that houses Costco, Target and other major retailers.

The latest mayoral poll by Quinnipiac University of nearly 500 voters showed Quinn leading the at 27 percent, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio at 21 percent, Bill Thompson at 20 percent and Weiner, who had been leading the pack until news of his latest sexual escapades, fell to 16 percent. The poll, however, did not break out voter’s race or ethnicity. Nor did they poll on the Republican side, Joe Llota and billionaire John Catsimatidis.

For Ana Herrera, a 47-yr old native of Honduras, and an East Harlem resident with two children, affordable housing and education, both at the primary and secondary level, are at the top of her concerns. She said she is still not sure who will get her vote but it will be the candidate that is most progressive about with fixing what she says is a broken system that does not help the working class New Yorkers.