Special Series: New York’s Mayoral Race

One candidate, disgraced former congressman, Anthony Weiner, has a salacious sexual online life, complete of selfies of his penis and a Hispanic alter ego named Carlos Danger. His wife works as an aid to one of the most powerful women in the world, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Bill de Blasio, the city’s Public Advocate, a happily married father of two teenagers, woke up one morning to find a conservative tabloid dig up an article that his wife wrote two decades earlier exploring her sexual orientation. Bill Thompson, the only African American in the race, once worked as a paid member of the board of directors of a company that shut down a much-needed health care center in one of the poorest districts in the City. And on and on the scandals go.

This all prompted Christine Quinn, Speaker of the City Council, an out loud and proud married lesbian newlywed, to recently quip that she was the most “normal candidate” running for office in this election cycle. But even she has troubles: She’s seen as being too cozy with the city’s moneyed crowd and it’s reigning king, Republican billionaire mayor Mike Bloomberg.

The media circus around the scandals leaves little room to discuss budgets, platforms, and governing visions for one of the most important cities in the world, leaving residents and some politicians, frustrated that the lack of thorough discussion of important issues and how to resolve them, has been absent in the race.