Special Series: New York’s Mayoral Race

Note: As part of Latina’s commitment to exploring issues that matter to you, today we start a series on one of the most important political races going on now: the mayoral race in the biggest city in the country, New York, whose Latinos number 2.4 million out of nearly 8.3 million total residents—a quarter of the Big Apple’s electorate. One out of every five voters heading to the voting booth is expected to be one of us. So key is the Latino vote that one of the democratic candidates for mayor, the city’s Public Advocate, Bill de Blasio, described it as the X factor that can swing the election.

We agree.

At times, the New York City’s mayoral race seems like an X-rated telenovela or better yet, a VH1 reality show. There are seven candidates running on the Democratic line, two on the Republican, and one, a Latino who broke from the Democratic Party to run as an Independent.  But the scandalous personal lives of some—and not the issues—continue to make national news and suck up the air in the town halls or debates. For sure, the spicy nature of the drama is perfect tabloid fodder: