Romney: Obama Won Due to "Gifts" he Gave Latinos, Blacks and Young Voters

Uh oh. News outlets are reporting that Mitt Romney told a group of donors that Barack Obama won because of ‘gifts’ to Latinos, blacks and young voters, including health insurance and help with college loans, “amnesty” for children of undocumented immigrants and free contraception, reports NBC Latino.

Upon hearing the remarks, Latino conservative Republican Alfonso Aguilar, Executive Director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, who was a supporter of Romney, said the comments were a “slap in the face’” and called them disturbing. ”He lost the election by making comments like that to Latinos,” he says, adding “apparently Governor Romney doesn’t understand why he lost.” If Romney would have had a different tone, especially on issues like immigration, says Aguilar, he would have been extremely competitive and could have won the election.

“Latinos didn’t vote because of entitlements,” says Aguilar. ”They voted for Obama because they felt the alternative was worse,” argues the Hispanic Republican.

This might be true, given that many Latino young males skew conservative and Republican, but that two-thirds voted for Obama in this election. However, it doesn't account for the many liberals that make up the Latino vote.

In any case, what do you think of the remarks made by Romney? Do you think they're accurate or ridiculous? Share in the comments!