What Went Wrong? The Latino Vote by the Numbers

Where Did We Go Wrong?: The Latino Vote By The Numbers

Last night, so many people's worst nightmare came true: after an extraordinarily tight race, Republican candidate Donald Trump was elected as the president of the United States.

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We’ve been told time after time throughout the race for the White House how significant the Latinx vote is to the United States. This year’s numbers for Latinx people were groundbreaking, with 27.3 million people eligible to cast ballots, which is an increase of 4 million since 2012. In addition to this, in four battleground states, including Nevada, Florida, Arizona and Colorado, the share of the Latinx vote four years ago was larger than the 10 percent share nationwide.

This leaves many Latinx people wondering one thing — where did we go wrong?

Well, to many people's surprise, more Latinxs came out in support of Trump than they did of Mitt Romney in 2012. In fact, 33 percent of Latino male voters and 26 percent of Latina female voters cast their ballots in favor of Trump. 

Below we have the percentages on how Latinxs voted at the polls in battleground states during the 2016 presidential election. While in many of these states Latinxs voted predominantly blue, the numbers were very close in Florida, with a 67-31 vote. However, Trump had extremely high support by states in the Midwest and the South, particularly by white people without a college education. This particular demographic counts for more than 75 percent of his supporters, which is ultimately how he won the election.

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