President Obama Talks Latino Vote and Immigration at Press Conference

President Barack Obama addressed the nation and reporters during his first press conference, since winning his reelection campaign against Mitt Romney, earlier today. Obama couldn’t avoid questions regarding the Gen. David Petraeus controversy, the nation’s fiscal cliff, immigration and the Latino vote.  

When Telemundo reporter, Rory Montenegro, asked about the power of the Latino vote Obama responded, “I think what was incredibly encouraging was to see a significant increase in Latino turnout.” He added, “This is the fastest-growing group in the country and, you know, historically what you've seen is Latino vote - vote at lower rates than the broader population. And that's beginning to change.”

On Election Day, Obama was able to win over 71% of the Latino vote, which help solidify his domination over several swing states like Colorado and Nevada. According to Pew Hispanic Center, Latinos will makeup for 40% of the growth in the eligible electorate between now and 2030. This means that an estimated 40 million Hispanics will be eligible to vote – compared to the 24 million today.

When it comes to issues about immigration, Obama expressed, “I think whatever process we have needs to make sure border security's strong, needs to deal with employers effectively, needs to provide a pathway for the undocumented here, needs to deal with the DREAM Act kids.”