Poll Suggests Latinas Favor Obama Over Romney By 53%

As the countdown to Election Day 2012 continues, a new poll suggests that a strong majority of Latinas favor President Barack Obama over Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. According to a poll developed by impreMedia/Latino Decisions, 74 percent of Latinas plan to vote for Obama verses 21 percent who favor Romney, with a marginal gap of 53 percent.

The poll also analyzes the gender gap between political differences between Latinas and Latino men. Among Latinos, 61 percent reveal that they plan to vote for Obama, while 32 percent say they prefer Romney. Between genders, 27 percent of Latinos support Romney, 5 percent higher compared to Latinas.

The support differential may have something to do with how each party addresses issues concerning women, including abortion politics and health care. 78 percent of women trust the Democratic Party to make the right decisions concerning women’s issues verses 13 percent who sway Republican. In addition, 59 percent of Latinas say they are enthusiastic about the upcoming elections (51 percent for Latinos) and 88 percent say they are “certain to vote” (84 percent for Latinos).

Overall, Obama holds 68 percent of the Latino support verses 26 percent for Romney.

What do you think of the poll results? Which political party are you in support of?