Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Lambastes Donald Trump: "Get Your Pig Hands Out of Here"


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is no longer holding his tongue for President Donald Trump. On Friday, Maduro told the Republican leader to "get your hands out of here."

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The socialist president is referring to the Trump administration’s sanctions against eight members of Venezuela's Supreme Court, which accused them of damaging the South American country's democracy.

On Thursday, speaking alongside Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Trump criticized the nation and its leader, asking how a country holding such large oil reserves could be in immense poverty. He even called the current state in Venezuela a "disgrace to humanity."

In his response speech, Maduro accused Trump of promoting interventionist policy that violates his socialist government's sovereignty, saying, "Go home, Donald Trump!" in accented English.

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"Get your hands out of here," Maduro continued. "Get your pig hands out of here!"