Study: Kids Prefer an Honest, Respectful President Over a Religious, Rich One

Study: Kids Prefer an Honest, Respectful President Over a Religious, Rich One
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Another presidential election year, another Nickelodeon Kids Pick the President campaign study showing what our youth are looking for in our country’s next commander in chief.

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According to the report, released on Wednesday, little ones are interested in the presidential election. In fact, 67 percent of the kiddie participants, ages 8 to 13, say they are engaged, getting their news from the TV (73%), their mom (61%) and their dad (51%).

“With almost 7 out of every 10 kids in the country citing high interest in this year’s election, we want our Kids Pick the President campaign to keep them informed, so we can help sustain their interest in the political system as they come of age and take their place as the country’s next electorate,” Marva Smalls, executive vice president of public affairs at Viacom Kids and Family Group, said in a statement.

On October 28, Nickelodeon will launch a website that'll allow young ones to cast a virtual ballot online, with voting open until November 5, when their choice for U.S. president is announced live on Nickelodeon.

However, details from the study already show what youth look for in a president. The top qualities the kids say are "very important" for our head of state is honesty (90%), being trustworthy (89%) and being respectful of others (85%). In contrast, the least cited qualities include being tough (49%), religious (23%) and rich (10%).

Most little ones, 82 percent, agree in equality for all, with 87 percent of African American children saying it is "very important" and 85 percent of Latinos and 80 percent of whites agreeing.

“Kids and their families today are more closely aligned than ever before, with no generation gap, which makes this research a potential crystal ball into the POV of the entire household’s voting and non-voting members,” Smalls added.

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Nickelodeon has conducted its Kids Pick the President campaign every presidential election year since 1988, though this is the first time it will include an accompanying site with immersive experience. Along with the voting option, the site will also have a heat map, which will pose questions and allow kids to discuss hot-button issues, and word clouds, which will aggregate the words from their responses in word clouds each week, as well as smaller activities like games and Ask the President cards, among other neat features.