“Disgusted” and “Disappointed”: Newtown Shooting Victim’s Sister Carlee Soto to the Senate

The younger sister of Vicki Soto, one of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting victims, had powerful words for the U.S. Senate after a crucial gun control legislation vote requiring background checks failed. Speaking on CNN, Carlee Soto expressed what millions of Americans feel: “I am disgusted and so disappointed in our Senate.”

Click here to watch Soto’s interview.

The emotion was raw after this defeat because the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where twenty-six were killed including Vicki Soto, a teacher, and nearly two dozen children, moved the country toward restricting access to guns, including requiring criminal background checks before people buy guns which was the subject of yesterday’s vote.

Latinos overwhelmingly support this measure, regardless of political party according a Latino Decisions poll. Hispanics also favor tighter gun laws in general which likely has to do with the fact that, as is the case with the African-American community, gun violence disproportionately impacts our community and our youth. Every fourteen hours, an Hispanic child or teen is killed by a firearm.