“Disgusted” and “Disappointed”: Newtown Shooting Victim’s Sister Carlee Soto to the Senate

Others gloated, such as former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin who tweeted:

“Politicians' expanded gun control effort fails in the Senate today. Count this a victory for the 2nd Amendment and law-abiding citizens.”

When CNN asked Carlee how she felt about this, she coolly answered “I love Sarah Palin but I can’t... even believe she would say that... No one is trying to take away your guns. It’s just a background check.”

Yesterday’s vote was a blow to advocates of gun restrictions and for families like the Sotos’ whose lives have been forever marred by this kind of violence. The gun lobby with the NRA leading the charge is powerful. But in Carlee, I saw the new face of the gun control movement -- articulate, passionate, cool-headed, poised, and determined.

I don’t think this fight is over.

Viviana Hurtado Ph.D., founder of the Hispanic woman-focused news and current events website The Wise Latina Club, is Latina’s Washington, DC-based political correspondent. Read Viviana's political posts here.

Question: If the Newtown shootings weren’t enough to move forward more gun restrictions, what if anything will it take?