New York's Mayoral Race: John Liu

What’s your affordable housing plan?

Rent is ridiculous and for too many it’s nearly impossible to buy their own home and this is symptom of the huge wealth gap we have in New York City. First, we have to make sure New York City Housing Authority buildings are well taken care of. We have to build more affordable housing. As mayor I will build 100,000 new units over the next four years and it will be paid for by mandatory-inclusionary zoning or rezoning in parts of the city to create wealth. We have to unlock a great deal of city’s wealth to invest in affordable housing for the middle class and working class.

What are your thoughts on stop and frisk policy?

I will end the stop and frisk. It’s a policy that was greatly expanded under this administration. I think we can keep people safe without submitting people of color to unfair policing. Community policing is far more effective.

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