New York's Mayoral Race: John Liu

Why do you think you will make a great mayor for Latino New Yorkers?

We need to get rid of corporate subsidies and invest in people. I want to end stop and frisk and bring back community policing. I want to bring about an increase in minimum wage to $11.50 per hour. I am an immigrant, someone who has not been in politics all my life, and I have a fresh vision on issues that affect Latinos and the Asian community. My family had zero money when we arrived here and that kind of opportunity to make it in the city is the opportunity I want to continue to create for others.

Can you explain your vision for public education?

My son Joey is about to start 8th grade in public school so I know education from the inside out. I will not run our schools like they are corporate subsidiaries to Bloomberg enterprises but as places of learning with education professionals- principals and teachers-doing what they know how to do educate. I would invest in deeper commitment to music and arts education.

I want to bring hire a chancellor that has an education background– none of the ones appointed by Bloomberg have had education backgrounds. I want to bring back community school districts and give parents more say.

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