New York's Mayoral Race: John Liu

What policies would you implement that will benefit all New Yorkers?

We should stop subsidizing big companies that promise to create jobs and years later these jobs have not been created. As Comptroller, I’ve issued a number of studies that show that at least $362 million dollars in subsidies have been doled out that were supposed to create jobs but wound up creating no jobs. I would instead place that money into after schools programs and job training.

Another policy I would like to change is our tax code. Currently, no matter how much you make you pay same rate of tax. I am looking for a significant overhaul of tax codes so that we have a more progressive tax system—the more you make the more you pay, the less you make the less you pay.

Don’t you think you will get a huge push back from Wall Street?

I have been getting push back from Wall Street since the day I took office. But this tax plan is even better for Wall Street and billionaires.

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