New York's Mayoral Race: Christine Quinn

Do you regret approving term limits that allowed Bloomberg to run a third term?

I think the question is what then happened in the next four years. During the four years I saved the jobs of 4,100 schoolteachers. During the worst recession I kept every library, every firehouse open, I grew manufacturing and tech jobs. I passed a living and a prevailing wage law.

So, no regrets?


Stop and Frisk [a policy of random police stops accused of targeting minorities] is the issue that keeps coming up when you talk to Latino New Yorker. Where do you stand?

That is a policy that was out of control and that is why we will override the mayor’s veto of the Inspector General. I am really proud that I just didn’t stand up and criticize stop and frisk and that I led my colleagues to pass law that is going to put monitoring in place to make sure that this out of control practice is reigned in.

Do you think as mayor you will fearless in talking about race?

There is no doubt in mind that 700,000 stops of over 95 percent men of color has had an impact in our city and it has torn communities of color apart from the police and that is a public safety danger as much as anything else. I believe a large part about that is community conversation. I am very clear in how I want stop and frisk used. I want it used only in a constitutional context, I don’t want to use it obsessively and excessively, which is what it has been.

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