New York's Mayoral Race: Christine Quinn

Why do you think you will make a great mayor for Latino New York?

I want to make New York a better home for the middle class and for people who are working hard to get into the middle class. One hundred years ago all four of my grandparents came to New York from Ireland because they believed if you came here you would be free and you’d get out of poverty. They got out of poverty, got into the middle class and their children went to college. I want to that to be future of New York.

You started as a housing and tenant activist; now this city is less affordable than ever. What is your plan to solve this?

Build 40,000 new moderate and middle-income apartment units. I also want to focus on strengthening rent laws. We’ve lost so much of the strength of rent stabilization and I want to go to Albany and get it back. The weakening of rent laws has cost us as many as 300,000 apartments. We also need to fix the Housing Authority because the reality is that the Housing Authority was envisioned as good housing for working class families to help people get into the middle class. And it is anything but that now—a disgrace.

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