New York's Mayoral Race: Bill Thompson

Four years ago, despite being outspent by $80 million dollars, Democratic mayoral hopeful, Bill Thompson came thisclose to beating his wealthy Republican opponent, Michael Bloomberg.  This election cycle however is proving to be more difficult for the former City Comptroller. Before duking it out with a Republican candidate in November, the 60-yr-old first has to best seven other Democratic contenders in this week’s primary, particularly Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who has surprised everyone by pulling ahead in polls by double digits.

But if voter turnout is any indication how this race will be won, Thompson has a strong chance of securing a second spot by forcing a run off [if no candidate wins 40 percent of the vote, the top two winners face a runoff.] A lifelong public servant, he’s the former President of the Board of Education and Deputy Brooklyn Borough President, the married father of one has amassed a diverse coalition of supporters, including the backing of several powerful unions including the United Federation of Teachers.  

Last week Thompson received ringing endorsements from two major newspapers, the Black-owned Amsterdam News and the city’s oldest and most influential Spanish language daily, El Diario La Prensa who called him the “most thoughtful, serious” candidate with “the most solid experience.”

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