New York's Mayoral Race: Bill de Blasio

Do you think as mayor you will fearless in talking about race and class?

It’s time to address this as a city. The inequalities have grown so deep that they are dangerous to the future of the city. I told a church congregation recently: If a white family living in a white neighborhood has a law-abiding teenager, that teenager will walk down their street and never be stopped by the police. The same exact kind of family in a community of color, their law-abiding teenager of color will be stopped and probably repeatedly; the message to that young person is profoundly negative, particularly in terms of what it does to their self-respect. We can’t allow that.

Do you agree with the policy of giving driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants?

As mayor, I would create a Universal City ID card available to all residents regardless of documentation status. This would grant access to basic services, such as the ability to sign a lease or open a bank account. Additionally, this policy will encourage better immigrant-police relations and increase reporting of crimes, including for domestic violence victims. I would also allow undocumented workers access to driver’s licenses, making New York the fifth state to pass such legislation, by working with Governor Cuomo and our partners in Albany.

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