New York's Mayoral Race: Adolfo Carrion

What is your vision for public education?
We must transform the education system from top to bottom. As mayor, that will be my number one priority.  We are not preparing the majority of our children for the future. We are failing our kids--particularly Latino and black students. We only graduate 29 percent of the public school kids ready for work or college. I know what works and what doesn’t. My children attend public schools. One of the first things I would do is implement the community-schools model.  This will make the neighborhood school the community life center of the neighborhood.  We use the school buildings seven days a week, functioning as school, social service centers to job training sites to cultural hubs as well as athletic centers. This model is being used successfully in several cities, including Cincinnati.
Stop and frisk has been a major part of your platform. Why?
Stop and frisk is nothing new, it’s an old tool. I’ve been racially profiled. Racism is real and it is tragic.
I want to bring community-policing back. I will bring back 6,000 new police officers over the next 10 years. Community policing is very smart policy, Kelly {Police Commissioner Ray and John Bratton) started but we’ve strayed from the policy and now we are paying for it. Stop and frisk has destroyed the relationship between communities of color and police officers and that is the largest public safety concern facing the city today.