New York's Mayoral Race: Adolfo Carrion

Why do you think your strategy to run as an Independent will work in a city so heavily Democrat?
I come out of the gate with a strong Bronx base. There are more than 900,000 registered Latino voters and they are ready to rally around a candidate that understands the issues at hand and who is effective and experienced. I also think New Yorkers are tired of only having limited options.
What’s your grand vision for New York?
New Yorkers are yearning for fresh new vision that keeps the middle class as the top of the priority. They don’t want a nanny mayor, they want the city to work for everyday working families. They want a mayor who understands education and appoints people who are experts and will to help transform a broken school system. New Yorkers are ready for a mayor who commits to growing the middle class by building affordable housing, creating jobs, and a mayor who makes sure that our infrastructure works. And finally New York is ready for a mayor who is committed to bringing back community policing.