Survey: More Latinas Plan to Vote in 2016 Election Than 2014

STUDY: More Latinas Plan to Vote in 2016 Election Than 2014

Latinas are expected to play an important role in the 2016 Presidential Election. According to a new survey, the group is more enthusiastic about voting this year than they were in 2014, an interest sparked in no small part by their hostile views toward presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

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The poll, commissioned by American Women, Voto Latino Action Network and iAmerica Action, found that nearly 81 percent of Latinas are “almost certain” they’ll vote in the upcoming election, compared to the 59 percent who said they voted In 2014.

In the survey, Latinas expressed favorable feelings for the Democratic Party, including both President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The policy agendas of these political leaders largely align with their own interests: equal pay, college affordability, paid sick days and family leave as well as reproductive rights.

But their favorability toward Clinton is also due to their negative views toward Trump. The poll found that as much as 84 percent of Latinas have a hostile opinion about Trump, who has centered his campaign for the White House on anti-Latino racism and xenophobia.

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The findings come from a national survey of 400 Latina registered voters. For more, visit American Women.