Mitt Romney's Spanish Ad Attacks Health Care Law

The biggest swaying point for Latino voters seems to be where a candidate stands on health care issues, so President Obama has continued to ensure that this is an important part of his work. Mitt Romney on the other hand isn't too keen on the idea of "Obamacare."

The Boston Globe reports that Mitt Romney's first Spanish-language ad vows to end "Obamacare" if elected for presidency during the November elections. But this will most likely cause Romney to lose the Latino vote since there is much at stake for the group. Nearly one in every three Latinos is medically uninsured, which accounts for 15 million of the Latino population.

Some Romney supporters say that the former Massachusetts governor is certainly campaigning too aggressively against the health care law.

Does Mitt Romney's decision to want to end "Obamacare" sway your vote away from Romney?