Mike "That Mexican Thing" Pence Reportedly Hosting White House Cinco De Mayo Party


Mike Pence is taking "that Mexican thing" to the White House. 

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The vice president is reportedly hosting la Casa Blanca’s annual Cinco de Mayo bash on Thursday, one day ahead of the actual holiday that real Mexicans celebrate a military victory.

Pence, who during a 2016 vice presidential debate referred to President Donald Trump's comments that Mexicans are "rapists," criminals and drug-runners as "that Mexican thing," will be hosting the event in Trump’s absence.

Instead of leading the celebration, Trump will be in New York, where he and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will board the USS Intrepid for an event marking the Battle of the Coral Sea.

That, of course, isn’t exactly bad news, considering the president’s platform was built on anti-Mexican rhetoric and policies.

Still, Pence isn’t really a welcomed replacement. In fact, the brilliant people of the Internet took to Twitter to highlight how the bash will be more of a Cinco De Mayonnaise party than the traditional Mexican festivity.

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Enjoy some of the hilarious tweets below.