Commentary: Marco Rubio Is On The Wrong Side Of Immigration Reform

No matter how you spin it, our country is moving toward progress. Same-sex marriage is being legalized in more states (Minnesota!) and more countries (Brazil! France!) by the minute. President Barack Obama became the first president to publicly support the issue and public opinion is trending upwards. By 2020, it is expected that 60% of Americans would support same-sex marriage on ballots

By not supporting the inclusion of LGBT families on the immigration reform bill, Marco Rubio is slapping us in the face. 

Recent polls found that 64% of Latino voters would support including same-sex binational couples as part of the bill. So why is Marco fighting so hard against it? This is NOT okay. 

To be honest, it makes me really ashamed that this Latino man is so far off in his opinions. As a fellow Floridian and Cuban, part of me can’t believe that he would be so closed-minded in supporting the rights of a group of people. Seriously, what is he thinking?