Presidential Campaigning Begins! Marco Rubio: "Hillary Clinton is Not Unbeatable"

Marco Rubio: "Hillary Clinton is Not Unbeatable"

According to Republican Senator Marco Rubio, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a tough road to the White House, should she decide to run.

"Multiple people can beat her," the Florida senator said in a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt on Friday. "Hillary Clinton is not unbeatable."

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee member, who is widely believed to be a presidential contender for 2016, said he would personally challenge Clinton on her record at the State Department.

"I would ask her the question I would ask her now: You were the Secretary of State during the first four years of the Obama administration. Name one significant foreign policy achievement, now or after you left," he said.

Rubio continued to slam Clinton's record on foreign policy. "The reset with Russia has been a disaster, the Middle East is more unstable today than it's been in I don't know when -- and that's saying a lot -- our relationships in Latin America and democracy has deteriorated in Latin America, the Chinese are increasingly aggressive, our partners around the world view us as less reliable," he continued. "Where is the one thing they've done successfully?"

Hillary Clinton admitted she would consider a presidential run in 2016, but has not confirmed her candidacy. However, she is widely considered a Democratic frontrunner. Rubio, a Latino star in the Republican party, is also considered a strong presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

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