Lucy Flores and Nina Turner Get Real About Why It's Important to Vote as Women of Color

Lucy Flores wasn’t always a Hillary Clinton supporter, but she’s with her now. The former Nevada assemblywoman sat down for vino and convo with former Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner, and the two chatted about why they, women of color, are backing the Democratic nominee.

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“As a former Bernie supporter, as someone who truly believes in his vision, I am voting for Hillary Clinton,” Flores said in a video for Planned Parenthood Votes. “I cannot in good conscience allow someone like Donald Trump to continue to allow that racism and that xenophobia and that hate to continue to bloom.”

Turner, who also endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders in the primaries, agreed, adding, "we do have one of the most progressive platforms in the history of the Democratic Party."

As women of color and previous backers of Clinton’s opponent, the politicians reached out to the PAC because they wanted to illustrate the need for putting alliances aside and refusing to become apathetic this election year.

"You can't sit back and just complain. You got to do something,” Flores said.

The mujeres didn’t just talk Clinton, however. Flores and Turner shared laughs and concerns while discussing the need for more diversity in politics and how you can continue to push the country forward with your vote.

“My vote isn't just for me. My vote is for everybody else, too,” the mexicana said.

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Watch the full conversation in the short vid above.