Venezuelan Political Prisoner, Leopoldo López, Moved to House Arrest


Opposition leader, Leopoldo López, has been transferred to house arrest after spending three years in a military prison. Venezuela’s Supreme Court granted the imprisoned politician the release due to concerns over López’s health.

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López was sentenced to almost 14 years in Ramo Verde prison back in 2015 for supposedly inciting violence during anti-government protests the year before.

Dozens of supporters tweeted their thoughts on the transfer. Fellow opposition leader, Henrique Capriles said,"It gives us great pleasure to know that Leopoldo Lopez is back home with his family. He deserves his liberty (or freedom) and so do all political prisoners."



Former President Bill Clinton also showed his support for the decision.

López is a Havard-educated politician and leader of the political party, Voluntad Popular, a party that strives for individual freedom and acknowledgment of human rights while fighting against oppression.   

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Venezuela’s crisis is currently at an all-time high under the Maduro regime. There have been mass protests over the past 100 days to fight for freedom under this time of economic catastrophe. According to CNN, “Unemployment is set to surpass 25% this year” and citizens are struggling to live while “widespread shortages of medicine, food, and other essentials have plagued the country.”